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Welcome to RACEPARX Middle East - Your Destination for Mini Go-Karting Business

Welcome to Raceparx Middle East, the premier destination for starting your mini go-karting business in the Middle East. With our state-of-the-art facilities, expert track design, and top-quality go-karts, we provide everything you need to kickstart your venture and create an exhilarating racing experience for your customers.

Sleek & Built For Speed

“Designed and Manufactured By RaceParx, The XLR8 Mini Kart Combines An Elegant & Futuristic Look With Unparalleled Aerodynamics & Performance.”

As the leading provider of mini go-karting business solutions in the region, Raceparx Middle East offers a comprehensive range of services and support to help you establish and thrive in the industry. From designing and building customized tracks to supplying high-performance go-karts and providing ongoing operational assistance, we are here to guide you every step of the way. We will work closely with you to create a tailored solution that meets your specific requirements and aligns with your vision. Whether you are planning to open a standalone go-karting facility or integrate it into an existing entertainment center, we have the expertise to make your project a success.

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state-of-the-art safety system

At Raceparx Middle East, we prioritize safety and ensure that all our tracks and go-karts meet industry standards. Our focus on safety extends to the design and maintenance of our tracks, as well as providing comprehensive safety training for your staff. We are committed to creating a secure environment where both drivers and spectators can enjoy the thrill of go-karting with peace of mind.

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raceparx car
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600 W


Steel alloy tube

car body

HDPE shell


22.5 ah

charge time

4 Hour


80 kgs

battery life

3 hour


aluminium alloy

Start your mini go-karting business with Raceparx Middle East

Ready to embark on your mini go-karting business journey? With only 2,500-5,000 sq.ft needed, you can now enjoy the adrenaline of racing in a compact area. Depending on the size and location of available space, our business model is scalable and additional entertainment items can be added. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to be a part of the thrilling world of mini go-karting. Contact Raceparx Middle East today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in establishing a successful and profitable venture.