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The mascot for GO-FUN is designed to entertain and be relatable to all the children of today. He’s named Buzz, meaning Excitement, thrill, joy, exhilaration and tantalizing! He’s a character aged six years old who’s highly intelligent and a tech whiz like most kids of the present generation.

The concept for the character came about from the idea where that Kids are the brains of their Universe, they’re the creators of everything around them. And when a six-year-old is smart enough to build large machines and robots, he would build the most colourful and the most fun machines.

Therefore, at GO-FUN, we try to keep that vision alive, where all the machines and walls and robots are designed by a kid with each machine, ride or robot having character and personality! He’s dressed in typical “Nerd” clothing, complete with suspenders and a bow tie. He sports a
colourful lab coat for his experiments. Tools to fix his robots and crayons and a pen in his pockets for drawing and colouring his ideas for his many robots. He wears shorts to remind us of his little-bay-playful nature.

In Buzz’ hand, we see his sidekick and helper, Tot-Botl He’s designed as a character who aids him in all his adventures when building his many machines and robots.

The robots at GO-FUN are called Go-Bots! They are colourful and each one of them has an expression of character through large eyes and a smile! Physically, these Go-Bots are represented by the many rides and attractions and the columns or props at the Kids’ area. Therefore, theming should can go in the above approach when a conceptual theming for a particular attraction is not applicable. The Mascot and the Go-bats can also feature on blank areas or spaces with characters where
all characters should be of a robotic element to show the Go-Bot style.




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  • Graphic Design
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