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Hayya Fun is a family entertainment center located in the vibrant city of Ajman. It is a unique destination that offers an array of exciting activities and attractions suitable for all ages. Entering into Hayya Fun takes you into a magical cave where you can uncover hidden treasures in a spectral world. Prepare to go on a crystal quest in this world of full blown fun !

We provided a comprehensive range of services for Hayya Fun. We worked closely with Hayya Fun to develop the overall vision and concept for the center, and provided detailed plans, 3D models, and renderings to ensure its successful implementation. The company also sourced and supplied various games and attractions, and provided guidance on the selection and placement of these to create an optimal entertainment mix.

In addition, Funco provided operational support and training, marketing services, and a custom website to promote the center and learn more about the attractions. Through our DESIGN-BUILD-SUPPLY approach, We ensured maximum enjoyment for visitors at Hayya Fun.


Kenz Hypermarket, Ajman, UAE


Kenz Hypermarket


  • Concept Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Detailed Design
  • MEP Design
  • Fit Out
  • Graphic Design
  • Entertainment Mix
  • Supply – Games & Attractions
  • Operations
  • Website Design
  • Online & Offline Marketing

Designing the perfect experience for you!

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