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The toughest sites to design are not the largest but the smallest ! Creating an impact with just a few walls and a few extra feet of flooring was all we had at the Indian Mall – Manjeri by Ladder Group – and it was the task of FUNCO to get the ball rolling from A to Z! Creating a unique name which resonates well with the group and a concept which takes a ‘ladder’ for a spin and takes you to a different ‘journey into space’ altogether!

We provided a comprehensive range of services for the project, including concept design, schematic design, detailed design, MEP design, fit-out, graphic design, entertainment mix, and supplying games and attractions.

Despite the small space, Funco was able to create a captivating FEC project that left a lasting impression on visitors. At Funco, we take pride in our ability to create Family Entertainment Center projects that are both innovative and memorable, no matter the size of the space.




Ladder Group


  • Concept Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Detailed Design
  • MEP Design
  • Fit Out
  • Graphic Design
  • Entertainment Mix
  • Supply – Games & Attractions

Designing the perfect experience for you!

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